About the project

Informed by recently completed master plans and studies, the West Monroe Revitalization Project consists of six primary components that will benefit local and commercial traffic by reconstructing deficient roadways, adding shared use pedestrian facilities including bike paths, improving drainage to reduce flooding, burying aging utilities, and redesigning the streetscape to increase foot traffic, improve connectivity throughout the community, and comply with ADA accessibility standards.

Project Components

The City of West Monroe will leverage the RAISE Grant to make critical infrastructure improvements to six project components.

Key Benefits

The RAISE Grant will bring about numerous benefits to the City of West Monroe and its residents in seven key areas.

Benefit Cost Analysis

Upon completion of the project the city anticipates the proposed improvements will promote safety, connectivity, and reliability of services.


Funds for this project are supporting construction and right-of-way costs.

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documents relevant to this application can be found on this page.


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