Project Components

The City of West Monroe will leverage the RAISE Grant to make critical infrastructure improvements to the following project components:

Project map

Component 1: Highland Park

Located within the triangular region between North Seventh Street, Arkansas Road, and Otis Street, proposed improvements include trailheads, parking, lighting for sidewalks and trails, and restroom accommodations.

Component 2: Trenton Street Corridor

Located along Trenton Street between Otis Street and Bridge Street, proposed improvements include road rehabilitation, utility relocations, drainage improvements, street lighting, and new and expanded sidewalks with environmentally sustainable green buffers

Component 3: Downtown

Located along Trenton Street past Bridge Street (near the Lea Joyner Bridge with four-lane traffic between Monroe and West Monroe) and throughout downtown including parts of Commerce Street, Cotton Street, Natchitoches Street, Wood Street and North Riverfront Street, proposed improvements include road rehabilitation, undergrounding utilities, pedestrian-friendly and environmentally sustainable streetscape design, shared use paths and crossings, parking, street lighting, signage, and smart city technology.

Component 4: Stella/Mill Gateway

Located along Stella Street and Mill Street from I-20 to the foot of the Lea Joyner Bridge into Monroe, proposed improvements include ADA compliant sidewalks, curb ramps, pedestrian crosswalks, and street lighting.

Component 5: Natchitoches Street

Located along Natchitoches Street from I-20 to Cotton Street in downtown, proposed improvements include enhanced pedestrian facilities and street lighting.

Component 6: Coleman Corridor

Located along Coleman Avenue from South Riverfront Street at the Endom Bridge to Phillips Street just past the I-20 overpass, proposed improvements will occur in conjunction with a current LADOTD project to improve the roadway, sidewalks, and utilities along Coleman Avenue to the Endom Bridge by also installing a 10’ shared use path and street lighting from I-20 to the Endom Bridge.